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I’m Barney, a Rutland food photographer (although I’m happy to travel!). I have a real passion for both food, and photography. I have a small home studio for pack shots and for photographing various small food items – I love to get out businesses and photograph the food on-site (in or out of Rutland).

You’ll find information about the services I offer throughout this site, as well as seeing examples of my work. If you’d like to have a chat about your requirements then I’d love to hear from you.

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Rutland Food Photographer

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My Services

Interior shot from a restaurant event venue with glasses on a table


Internal shots which really show off your venue

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce


Ideal for when you’re launching a new menu

An amount of fresh tagliatelle being held by a chef


natural shots of you and your staff working

Why you should hire a food photographer

Professional food photography will take your marketing from average to awesome, helping drive new customers to you, and potentially increase sales. Visual media is something which customers rarely ignore, food photography grabs peoples’ attention and draws them to you.

Show what you sell

A large part of your business of food, so you need to show that in the best way possible. Food photography on a phone will never do justice to your culinary offering. Your passion is food, mine is photography. I want to be your food photographer, giving you images of your food which you’ll be proud to use to market.

Chocolate and banana loaf drizzled with salted caramel sauce
lemon drizzle cake topped with blueberries
food photographer dough balls with garlic butter dip
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Food photographer - Branding

Your branding and identity is such an important part of your business, the photography you use should reflect this, whether it’s fine dining or a cosy cafe – my food photography will fit your brief and allow your brand to shine. Take a look at my pricing packages to see what I offer.

A slideshow of cover photos which have been made for a business
A bowl of coffee beans taken by a rutland food photographer

Importance of a food photographer

As you already know, people eat with their eyes first – which is why the presentation of your food is so important; it makes sense that this is carried over to the food photography you use. If you want to convert your potential customers into paying customers – then booking a professional food photographer will certainly help.

Businesses I have worked with

Logos from companies I have worked with

Recent Projects

Apple Turnover Recipe – with video!

There’s nothing better than a warm apple turnover. Well, you can make it better by adding a little cinnamon, some pecans, and drizzling them with salted caramel sauce. YUMMY!

Chewy Chocolate Brownies Recipe

The best Chocolate brownies there are, are chewy chocolate brownies. This recipe is perfect, they’re not too cakey, slightly dense – which gives it the all important chew.

Soft Blueberry Muffins Recipe – CleanPlate Bakes

If you’re looking for a soft blueberry muffins recipe, then you are in luck! Here’s the best one you’ll find.

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Not Just a Rutland Food Photographer

As I’ve stated – food photography is key to your marketing. But so is telling the story of your whole offering – the ambience of your venue, how you want people to ‘feel’ when they visit you; all of these factor into your marketing and branding. Alongside food photography, I also offer interior shots, lifestyle shoots, drinks photography, headshots and more. I also really love documenting kitchen life – all black and white images of chefs and kitchen staff working hard to create the food I will photograph.

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I'd love to hear all about your business, let's arrange a time to meet up and discuss your photography requirements. Send me a message through one of these methods and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Barney, Rutland food photographer

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